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A resounding endorsement from The Register-Guard

"District 5 voters should take advantage of Roblan’s public service experience and leadership skills and elect him to the Senate."

A resounding endorsement from The Register-Guard

Published: October 8, 2012, The Register-Guard

"After four terms representing coastal constituents in House District 9, Arnie Roblan wants to move to the state Senate. Based on his impressive legislative career and the pivotal role the North Bend Democrat played as co-speaker in the 2011 session, District 5 voters should grant him his wish.


Roblan was half of the leadership team that prevented a House evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats from becoming the train wreck many predicted. Instead, he worked with fellow co-speaker Bruce Hanna, R-Roseburg, to preside over a historic session that closed a $3.5 billion budget shortfall and approved sweeping education and health care reforms.

By seeking the Senate seat occupied by retiring Democrat Joanne Verger, Roblan is giving up a possible opportunity to serve as speaker of the House if Democrats, as some predict, win a majority in the Nov. 6 election. His move to the Senate is partly motivated by the Democrats’ desire to hold onto Senate District 5 and maintain or improve their current 16-14 margin. It’s doubtful they could have found a candidate with a more impressive résumé.

Roblan, 64, is a retired principal of Marshfield High School. As a lawmaker, he has championed government transparency and infrastructure development, playing a key role in the restoration of the rail line connecting Coos Bay to the Willamette Valley.

In the Senate, Roblan’s top priorities would be to continue working to revive the coastal economy, a goal that’s of considerable interest to residents of District 5, which stretches from Coos Bay northward into Tillamook County.

Roblan says he will continue working with port officials on plans to build a major coal and liquefied natural gas export terminals. He wants to restore coastal fishing and timber industries that were once vibrant economic sectors in the state. And he hopes to provide stable funding for public schools, and continue refining Gov. John Kitzhaber’s education and health care reforms.

His opponent is Republican Scott Roberts, who unsuccessfully sought Roblan’s House seat in 2010. Roberts, 45, is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in North Bend who is running for the Legislature to limit state spending and improve the business climate by cutting taxes and easing regulations.

Roberts also wants to reform public pensions, make Oregon a right-to-work state and privatize portions of state government, including the Department of Transportation.

District 5 voters should take advantage of Roblan’s public service experience and leadership skills and elect him to the Senate."

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Posted on October 8, 2012.