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Economic Resilience on the Oregon Coast

by Geoff Ostrove

Economic Resilience on the Oregon Coast

Resilience is more than just a buzzword. Resilience and disaster recovery planning are economic imperatives in a modern economy. Senator Roblan is dedicated to making sure Oregon's coastal communities have the infrastructure in place to recover economically from any natural disaster. Join us for this free workshop to learn more about how you can build resilience and reduce risks to businesses in your community. The event will be held May 3 in Florence.

Designed specifically for communities on the Oregon Coast, this workshop will: - Connect you with other business leaders in the region - Make the business case for preparation and planning - Introduce business resilience and disaster recovery concepts - Present business specific risk reduction strategies - Provide tools and ideas you can use in your community - Inspire actions that can increase business resilience in your community

You can get more information on the event and register by following the link below:


Posted on April 16, 2016.