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About Arnie

Arnie and his wife, Arlene, have been married for 40 years and have three adult children. They have lived and worked in Coos Bay for over 40 years.

Arnie grew up in the small mill town of Port Angeles, Washington. In his college years, he worked summers at the local pulp mill and earned a living as a brick mason during his studies at the University of Washington.

In 1972, Arnie and his young family relocated to the Oregon Coast. He was a math teacher, dean, and principal at Marshfield High School in Coos Bay for 32 years. He received the Milken Education Award for excellence for his work in preparing a generation of our young people for the challenges of the future.

Arnie has always volunteered his time to help his neighbors on the South Coast. He’s made a difference as president of the local Kiwanis and helped lead the Boys and Girls Club of Southwestern Oregon. He’s been a key part of efforts to clean up our coast and helped lead his local credit union. Before it was fashionable to talk about economic development, Arnie helped found a south coast alliance for new and sustainable industry.

Arnie Roblan was a great teacher and principal. He’s a good neighbor and a leader. That’s what has made him a great Representative for the South Coast, a historically successful Co-Speaker of the House for the State of Oregon, and that is what makes him the best choice for State Senate District 5.