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Important Issues

Senator Arnie Roblan (D-Coos Bay) is running for re-election to represent District 5 in the Oregon Senate. The Senator hopes to continue to champion his very successful brand of coalition-building and inclusion-based leadership which has done so much to bring progress to the south and central coast.

As he puts it, “I’ve spent my life working to ensure that the priority needs of our coastal and rural communities are met."

He has identified these needs as increasing job creation opportunities, expanding educational opportunities while enhancing the quality of Oregon’s public school system, addressing the healthcare and medical needs of the very young and elderly, and creating a positive environment which fosters and supports small business development.

Senator Roblan has a long history of legislative successes both in the Assembly, where he served a Co-Speaker, and more recently in the Senate. His unique ability to create coalitions and consensus on seemingly divisive issues distinguishes him from the ideologs and hack politicians who build their careers on dividing people and who promote the same failed solutions year after year to pressing problems.

Arnie says, “Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent, whether you are a city dweller or you live in the coastal or rural areas of our state, whether you were born in Oregon or were smart enough to move here from somewhere else, I want to continue to work with you as I have in years past to identify areas of common concern and craft solutions that provide real benefits to our people.”

He also acknowledges that his practice of reaching out to people for their ideas and assistance has made him a successful public servant. “My election is never about me. It is always about what is important to my constituents and doing the business of the people who elected me.” Humbled by the continuous support he has received since he first ran for public office, he is grateful for the opportunity he has been given to be the voice of the people of Oregon's southern and central coastal regions.

Senator Roblan, who serves as Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, noted that “I fight daily to keep education issues front and center when the Senate meets.” Recognizing that there are so many competing interests jockeying for attention and funding in the legislature, Roblan has been successful in ensuring that the education of Oregon’s children, at the K-12 as well as the college and university levels, remains a top legislative priority. As an educator for 32 years and the former principal of Coos Bay’s Marshfield High School, Roblan pointed out that “improving the education available to our young people is an issue on which I am never willing to compromise.”

Senator Roblan is one of the few elected leaders with a proven record of continuously looking for new ideas and innovative approaches to address economic and social problems. His creation of the annual Oregon Coastal Economic Summit, which has become the State’s most effective laboratory for dialogue, networking, and problem-solving on issues of importance to residents of the coastal areas, is only one example of Roblan’s commitment to bringing people to together to solve problems.